It feels like forever since I have created a post on my photography blog.  I guess you could say that I was on a family hiatus – raising a couple of munchkins.

Back to work.  I have posted two new images that are long overdue that I am extremely happy about. The images are posted under ‘Mountains, Rivers, Lakes & Waterfalls’ and there you will find the following two new images:

1. Mt. Seymour, Fire in the Sky

2. Watersprite Lake

Both images are large panorama images measuring approximately 8 feet wide – full resolution.  The Watersprite lake image is 100 images stitched into a single stunning image at full resolution where you can see every detail in the trees & rocks.  The Mt. Seymour image gives extreme details across Metro Vancouver, including being able to see Lynn Valley Road, the Lions Gate Bridge, Iron Workers Memorial bridge and much more.  You can find them here: http://www.michaeliwasaki.com/galleries/mountains-rivers-streams-and-waterfalls/#.W-un9-JRe5N – Below is a smaller version you can see.

Watersprite Lake – A picture of Watersprite lake, located near Squamish, BC the last week of October. To get to the lake, is a 20km drive down the Mamquam forest service road where a 4×4 is mandatory. This is where the trail now begins. The trail is nearly 18km (return trip) with an elevation gain of nearly 2,700 feet. The lake is still covered in snow during the first week of July.

I captured this image taking 100 x 36MP pictures (4 rows of 25 images) and stitching it into one 95” x 45” picture. This means complete retention of the finest details in the trees, rocks and emerald colored water.

Edition is printed on aluminum, limited to 8 prints (+2 artist copies)

Each edition is signed, numbered and includes an embossed stamped certificate of authenticity.

Price: $9,000

Mt. Seymour – Fire in the Sky – A panoramic image from 1st Peak, Mount Seymour, consisting of approximately 75 x 36MP images merged into one to create this 8ft stunning piece. This took a waiting period of approximately 3 years to get the right conditions. I waited patiently for a big dump of snow (over 2.5 feet), followed by a clearing, but not a completely clear sky as I wanted the sunset to reflect off the clouds with the snow ghosts (trees completely covered in snow) in the foreground. We set out toward dusk, with a return hike of nearly 9km. The trip required headlamps, crampons and snow shoes (along with all the camera and pano gear). Details of the image include the Seymour parking lot, Lynn Valley Road, Lions Gate bridge, Iron Workers Memorial bridge, UBC, Canada Place, Vancouver International Airport and the top of Brocton chair at Mt. Seymour.

Edition is printed on aluminum, limited to 10 prints (+2 artist copies).

Each edition is signed, numbered and includes an embossed stamped certificate of authenticity.




Differences between the Nikon D800 & D810? What are they?

I have to say that I swayed a little bit on the fence with this one… It was a tough decision to make and the deciding factor was when I sold my GigaPan (replaced by my Really Right Stuff pano system, which I am EXTREMELY happy with).

Within a couple of days of selling the GigaPan, I headed over to my no-so-local camera shop (which I still call local) in Delta (Photo Expert), and also traded in my D800.  On a quick side note, if you have never dealt with Photo Expert, you really need to. From their customer service, to pricing, they truly ARE THE BEST!  photoexpert.com.

The bottom line is I could not be happier with the upgrade.  Many people have made comments, but really, it is an awesome upgrade I am extremely happy with.  I find much better noise up to 3200 ISO, noticeably better range of light and the images are EXTREMELY sharp!  The biggest thing for me was the lack of moire and much better color on the rear monitor.  These were just “yard tests”, but again, I can see a difference… There are  number of other upgrades, but because I don’t use those features that often, to me, they are not relevant.

D810 box d810 camera

Lighthouse Park Sunset – Michael Iwasaki, Fine Art Photography Vancouver

It has been awhile since I have posted a piece.  A little bit too long actually.  This would be in part due to a busy life with two young ones.

First off, thank you for those of you who check back often for any new posts.  If you have not already registered to receive my updates (on the right side), I would encourage you to do so.

This particular sunset was taken in the Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver region back in August.  It is a multi-row pano and will only have a maximum of 15 prints.  Please contact me if you are interested.

Lighthouse Park Sunset


Test post, please ignore this.

Further Updates Soon To Come!

My apologies to those that have not seen a post in a little while.  Between family life and out in the field, things have been quite hectic.

In the meantime, please feel free to check out my new ‘Silver Series’ images that may be purchased online at: http://www.michaeliwasaki.com/buy-now/silver-series-images-2

Images in the silver series are smaller than my traditional sizing and printed on canvas!

S001 - Palouse by Moonlight 34 x 20

Michael Iwasaki Fine Art Gold Series – Available Online

I have now updated my site to allow purchases of images, for delivery (within Canada), of my Gold Series Images.

The new series are smaller in size, with the same care and attention to detail as my Platinum Series.

Purchases are made by using the PayPal interface which allows users to still use VISA, MC, Amex (all major credit cards), even if you do not have a PayPal account. Simply click below where it reads “Don’t have a PayPal account“.

With the new option to purchase directly from my site, I have also added two more images for the series.  Over the next couple of months, I will continue to update this series.

View my Gold Series Fine Art Images HERE

Michael Iwasaki Fine Art Photography - G004 Moraine Lake

Michael Iwasaki Fine Art Photography – G004 Moraine Lake


G003 Michael Iwasaki Fine Art Photography - Evening Sunset Light

G003 Michael Iwasaki Fine Art Photography – Evening Sunset Light

New Fine Art Line – Gold Series

After much debate, thought and wonderful feedback, I have decided to split my images into two series. My large format print images will be a part of my “Platinum Series”, typically ranging in sizes upward of 60”+ and majority of images framed in a high end, olive tree veneer.

Because not everyone will have space for this size of an image, I have decided to create a second series (Gold Series), which will typically be sizes up to a maximum of 48” x 20”, unframed with a lower price point.

I am happy to introduce the first two of these images in these series

  1. “32,000 Feet” (piece #G001), $1495 – Limit 25
  2. “Fire In The Sky” (piece #G002), $1,495 – Limit 25

These pieces will be posted to my gallery at http://www.michaeliwasaki.com shortly!

32,000 Feet - Michael Iwasaki Fine Art Photography

32,000 Feet – Michael Iwasaki Fine Art Photography

Fire In The Sky - Michael Iwasaki Fine Art Photography

Fire In The Sky – Michael Iwasaki Fine Art Photography

105 City Lights From Athletes Village & 106 – St Patricks Day at Science World

I am happy to announce two new additions to my gallery which may be found at: http://www.michaeliwasaki.com/galleries/recent-gallery-additions/#.Uy3U6oWwXz4

The two pictures were taken on separate days with similar, yet different composition.

I was originally only going to have one of them available in my gallery, however because of the split in my poll on thoughts, I have decided to keep both.

The first of the images, #105 – City lights From Athletes Village, is 95″ x 29″, unframed and will be limited to 10 editions (+2 artist proofs), signed numbered, and accompanied with my standard embossed certificate of authenticity and the second image, which is of a slightly different composition, #106 – St. Patricks Day at Science World is 95″ x 33″, unframed and again limited to 10 editions. Print may be found in Plaza Galleries closer to summer (keep posted closer to the date).

Pricing available on my website

106 St Patrick Day at Science World

105 City Lights Pano From Athletes Village

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Specialty Pano Head Equipment – FINALLY!

I am super excited to have finally placed my order with Spencer down at ReallyRightStuff.com.

These guys are really on top of the world when it comes to professional pano heads and equipment to do proper panorama photography.  So what do you really need to get going properly?  This was my order, and i’ll explain the reasons for the equipment…

The biggest problem with panoramic photography is not having the correct nodal point of the lens. The nodal point is one of the two points in a compound optical system, located so that a light ray directed through the first point will leave the system through the second point, parallel to its original direction. Also called axial point. This point must be centered properly in order to achieve a perfect, non distorted panorama.

zoom-rrsweb-1-BH55PCLR-front-ballhead-8BIT-1BH-55 PCLR: Full-sized ballhead with PC-LR > The BH-55 full sized ball head, allows for the functionality…

– Ergonomic design gives superior handling and unsurpassed reliability.
– Lowest profile in its class.
– Large main locking knob incorporates stainless steel ballbearings for a lifetime of silky smooth control.
– Dual drop-notches allow maximum flexibility for positioning the camera.
– Micrometer tension adjustment is repeatable and absolutely reliable.
– Precision panning base is finely laser-engraved at 2.5 degrees intervals and features our unique drum & brake design for effortless locking.
– All components are of the finest Really Right Stuff quality, machined from solid aircraft aluminum or stainless steel for maximum durability and minimum weight.
– Comes with lever-release panning clamp for the ultimate ease in leveling. The perfect setup for panoramas.

L-plate for Nikon MB-D12 grip (D800) – Plate required if using the MB-D12 battery grip on the D800E

Foot for Nikon AF-S VR & VR-II 70-200mm f/2.8 – Footer plate for the 70-200 lense

Rail & clamp package, MPR-192 + Mini-Clamp Pkg – This creates the ultimate nodal slide with smooth adjustability along the full length (192mm) of the MPR-192. This package’s enhanced versatility allows for mounting camera bodies or collared lenses simply by rotating the mini-clamps. zoom-rrsweb-1-192PPP-isometric2-nodal-slide-8BIT-1

Omni-Pivot Pano Package includes CB-10 + PG-02 LR head (nodal slide not included) – This package for shooting 360° panoramas will add to your Pano Elements or similar package to build a multi-row capable pano head. Please note that this package does not include a nodal slide or horizontal panning component.


Looking forward to some amazing panos, just awaiting delivery and will share some images.

Interested? Check out http://www.reallyrightstuff.com

Rare Fine Art Print at Hollyburn Country Club – West Vancouver

4' x 8' Crate with two seven and a half foot panels for  Vancouver at Dusk piece.

4′ x 8′ Crate with two seven and a half foot panels for Vancouver at Dusk piece.

Two more pieces

Two more pieces

3 4 5 6 7

I am very excited today to have 7 of my pieces call the Hollyburn Country Club in West Vancouver home.

I have both Michaela and Lisa to thank for this! (Thanks ladies! Very much appreciated).

Packaging them up was a bit of a marathon and unfortunately, my 8’ Vancouver Skyline was left at home.  The truck was full. It simply would not fit without crushing something underneath.

All images on display, as normal are printed on aluminum.   I am pretty happy with the placement and thankful for those that helped make this happen.  Just to package the pieces was a full roll and a half of 3M Packaging tape.

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Feel free to also check out my website, Michael Iwasaki Fine Art Photogrpahy: http://www.michaeliwasaki.com